Wednesday, May 8, 2013


You know how sometimes your brain gets all cluttered up, and things just streak through it seemingly at will, with no logical pattern? Yeah. That's what this is. My brain is full. I need to empty it a little.

1. Student Accounts is the office across the hall with STUDENT ACCOUNTS ON THE DOOR.

2. If you love Jesus, seek justice instead of asking people to "repost this if you love Jesus" on Facebook. How about, instead of reposting, you show compassion to someone in need? How about THAT?

3. Speaking of Facebook, is it too much trouble to confirm some of the crap you post? I get so tired of seeing the same nonsense overandoverandover again even after it's been debunked. Just STOP IT.

4. Leave Kim Kardashian alone. No, I don't like her either, but picking on a pregnant woman's weight? Not cool, y'all. Not cool.

5. Why can't I just knit and play the fiddle all day?

6. Why don't I have a string boy?

7. Shiny.

8. I need a cupcake.

Till next time ---  be sweet to each other and quit your meanness.

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