Friday, April 12, 2013

Weighty Matters.

They say a lady doesn't tell her age or her weight. I've already told you how old I am, so you may as well just know: I weigh 155.

One hundred and fifty-five pounds. I've never weighed this much in my life. I got married in a size 4 wedding dress that not only had to be shortened, it also had to be taken up in the bazoom. That was 23 years and about 40 pounds ago, when I wasn't concerned with weight. I vowed I would never be one of those people obsessed with her weight.

Now, 23 years later . . . I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with my weight, but I do think about it. It's hard not to think about it when you pull out last year's summer linen slacks and they don't fit anymore. It's hard not to think about it when you go through your old stuff for the Goodwill and toss out a bunch of S labels because they make you look like an overstuffed sausage, if you can get them on at all. It's hard not to think about when you buy a size L t-shirt and the damn thing is TOO SMALL. Granted, the women's t-shirts now are cut pretty tiny, but still. I'm not LARGE.

Larger than I used to be, yes, like a lot of women my age, but I don't think anyone would say I was LARGE.    However, I have a few size 12s in my closet, and 12 is considered a plus size.

Really? Do any of you who have seen me in person really think I'm a PLUS SIZE? I mean, come ON.

Yes, I have done the diet & exercise thing. The truth is, though, I love to eat and I hate to exercise much. I go for walks, I lift a few weights, I practice a little yoga. Sometimes I dance. I try not to eat too much junk. That's about it. I've held pretty steady at 155 for awhile now, so this may be where I stay. I don't particularly like it, because I don't care for the womanly squishiness 155 pounds has brought me, but it ain't going away overnight. Heck, it may not go away at all, which means I better just get used to the idea.

I'm trying. It's a struggle, when I consider my tiny 21 year-old self, but I'm trying.

I remind myself there's quite a bit of muscle under the squish. I can lift & carry a 52-pound box of copy paper, which always leaves the delivery guys stunned. I can tote a giant bag of dog food on my shoulder. I'm also pretty bendy for an old broad. My last physical therapist called me Gumby. (I thought everybody could bend over at the waist and put their palms on the floor.) And I can still do the splits - not as effortlessly as I once did, but I can still do it. My cholesterol is "beautiful" (doctor's exact words) and my vital organs all still work, so I reckon that's all good. It's going to have to be.

Acceptance is a bitch, but she forces you to be honest. I hate her and I love her at the same time.

Till next time --- accept yourself.


  1. Welcome to my womanly squishy world. I, too, have to buy LARGE tops - WHAT?

    I, too, remember when I wore a size 2 - and I am a wee bit longer than you are - but I was always a beanpole. I was happy at a 6 or 8. Now I'm happy at a 10 or a 12 and even a 14 - on account of I am what I am and it's just a pound. I am healthy and that is all that matters anymore. Well, that and good lipstick.

  2. I was neverever thin, except for one year in highschool after And now after two c-sections I can't even look at myself. It's bad. It's so bad. You can say you have beautiful babies all you want but at the end of the day, your stomach still looks like melting soft serve.

    I am really looking forward to being done nursing so I can diet. I am even at my pre-baby weight but the distribution is not the same. It's so bad. I'm in a 20, and I am squished into it.

  3. I'm right there with ya Kim!! You know how much I run...I workout 6 days a week and watch everything I eat....and yet, apparently I have the metabolism of a SLOTH! I weigh 160lbs and wear a size 10 or 12 depending on where the garment is made (seems China thinks differently). It's driving me CrAzY!!! Looking at the charts I'm considered OBESE.....REALLY??!! my soapbox now!