Sunday, February 27, 2011

Other People's Blogs, February Edition.

History and horses all together - how can you beat that?

This month, I'd like to spotlight the Fiddler's Green Horse Farm blog, by my friends Bill and Deborah. They've been involved in living history for several years and at one time supplied horses for Civil War events. Nowadays they're mostly doing 18th century living history or cowboy events with a mounted cowboy shooting group. We've shared some great times with them over the last few years, including a road trip to Colonial Williamsburg. Locally, Mister and I help them out with 18th century horsemanship demonstrations, which is where my main blog photo is from. (Slowly but surely I'm getting used to the sidesaddle - one of these days I just might be dangerous.) I'm sitting on one of their horses, either Sonny or Cash; I can't remember. Usually if there's a photo of me on or with a horse, it's one of Bill & Deborah's critters.

If you look closely at the New Year's Day photos, you'll see me in my Clint Eastwood serape brandishing a fine pistol. I also feel the need to tell you that's a Clearwater hat. (I love that hat. I love hats in general. That's a whole 'nother blog post, which I will get around to one of these days.)

You can visit the Fiddler's Green blog here:  and enjoy taking a little trip back in time to when a horse was your best vehicle.

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